Saturday, 3 October 2015

Historical Sew Monthly: January and February: A blue foundation garment...

So here they are finally: the details for my first HSM challenge.

The Challenge:
I decided to combine January's Foundation Challenge and February's Colour Blue Challenge for my first project and so I chose to make blue garters.

I chose a Rowan pure wool 4 ply yarn in a shade called Blue Iris.

The pattern is an original from Godey's Ladies' Book (1861) that I found here. It is very simple and easy to follow.


The great thing about this project was that, unlike most of my costume projects, it required only a small amount of yarn and a piece of cardboard to make to pompom, so very economical.

How historically accurate is it?
The end result is quite historically accurate as the pattern was original. I suspect that the yarn is probably spun differently nowadays but I deliberately chose pure wool to keep the fibres as authentic as possible.

Hours to complete:
Only a few. I haven't actually completed the second garter yet but this first one only took a couple of hours, split into 10 minute bursts here and there whenever I had a chance.

First worn:
I haven't worn this yet as the second one isn't finished, but as soon as its partner is complete I want to test them out on my period correct stockings. I am dubious about how effective they will be but it is the look that counts and I can use them during costume demonstrations.

Total cost:
Almost nothing. The wool cost about £4 but I have only used a small amount - there is plenty left for more garters or another small project.

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