Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

When I found out at the last minute that I needed to go into work in costume for a Halloween event, I quickly threw together this costume from bits and pieces in my wardrobe. As most of my costume is currently stored away at my parents house, I mostly only had underwear which I always keep with me for constructing new dresses over. And since most of the undies are white I decided on a ghostly theme...

I wore my corset over a blouse with my bustle and petticoats, then liberally applied high factor sun cream and talcum powder to my face and hey, presto: one Victorian ghost!  I think I gave a few people on the train on the way to work a fright!!

And here's a nice picture of my Halloween "owl" pumpkin - it was the first time I've ever carved a pumpkin and I was very proud of the result. I found the design online and it turned out really well...Unfortunately though this picture does not show just how huge the pumpkin was. I couldn't get my arms around it and could barely lift it!

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