Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My first Historical Sew Monthly Project...

I have decided that my first project for the Historical Sew Monthly will be a pair of 1860s knitted garters.

I wanted a small project that I can fit in easily between other commitments to get me started and knitting seemed to fit the bill perfectly. That's when I remembered this pattern from Godey's Lady's book that I found at World Turn'd Upside Down some time ago and bookmarked thinking that it would come in handy some day...

And it has. I have finally got round to investing in my first proper pair of stockings from Nelhelenia Patterns with some money that I got for Christmas and so this project is perfect. Also, it means that I can technically hit two birds with one stone. I have chosen a Rowan pure wool yarn in a beautiful shade called Blue Iris that means I can enter the garters for the February colour challenge but they will also make up for the January challenge that I missed. Taking foundations to mean "the thing that holds everything up" I think garters probably qualify...

So here are some pictures of my lovely wool and my progress so far:

I love the colour of this wool and it is nice to work with too

Not too bad for about an hours work spread over a couple of days - the rows are so short that I can just do 10 minutes here and there and it grows nicely

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