Saturday, 31 January 2015

Motivation or Madness?

I haven't had the chance to sew properly for months and I am nowhere near my goal of posting my backlog of un-shared costumes...BUT...

I have decided to join The Historical Sew Monthly 2015!

I am still not convinced that this is an entirely good idea considering the amount of studying I have to do and the fact that I have to produce a Masters dissertation by the end of August. However, it is something that I have always wanted to do.

I started to make costumes about 2 years ago and one of the main things that spurred me on to finally do something I’d always dreamed of was reading other costumer’s blogs. I especially enjoyed seeing the things that people had made for challenges like the Historical Sew Challenge and I love the idea of sharing projects with a common goal.

So I am hoping that the challenges will motivate me to produce at least some small items this year in between my studies. Unfortunately I have already missed January but I know that I won't be able to complete all of the challenges this year. That really would be madness!! However, after careful contemplation of the list I think a minimum of four challenges is a good starting point…And maybe I can combine some of the challenges and cover more of them with a 2-in-1 approach. We'll see...

Anyway here is the list:

I already have some ideas brewing for ways of combining January and February and creating a small blue foundation garment... But more to follow on that later. Now I have to make a start on some real work!

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