Friday, 23 January 2015

Long time, no posts!

I can't quite believe that nine months have passed since I last posted. It seems that trying to maintain a blog whilst working full time in teaching and finding time to sew the costumes that were to feature on said blog was a rather overly-optimistic undertaking. And that's putting it lightly!

It seemed like a really brilliant idea at the time. Since it was reading blogs that introduced me to costuming and inspired me to start sewing my own costumes in the first place, I was really excited about sharing my creations and experiences. But setting up the blog in the holidays was one thing. Finding time to update it once I had gone back to work (in the busiest term of the year) was another...

Not only that but it was quite a difficult year and what with one thing and another the blog, sadly, slipped to the bottom of the priority list. Of course, the obvious time to start again would have been the summer holidays but I was so busy with sewing and events that it just didn't happen.

However, I have since left teaching to return University and, although I'm not sure that I have any more time than last year, as I am studying historical dress and fashion, my costuming has in a way become part of my work. So my New Year's resolution is to start posting more often and to catch up with my backlog of un-shared finished costume projects.

I hope you enjoy them.

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