Sunday, 27 December 2015

Countdown to New Year No3: Two 1940s frocks

As well as Victorian fashion and re-enactment, I also love 1940s events and styles. These are just two of the dresses I have made for World War II events. A lot of my everyday wardrobe is based on 1940s and 1950s patterns and styles but these dresses were made specifically for costumed events - the day dress for attending a vintage car rally (dress just right and you can usually hitch a ride in a very nice car!) and the black and red ensemble for a "Down in the Shelters" dance evening. Having said that, I have worn both of them since for other things too - I like wearing them so much!

I can't find the patterns that I used right now, but both were original 1940s patterns, featuring typical narrow skirts and interesting details on the bodices and sleeves. I love working with originals from this era - they always fit me so well and make up easily. Modern patterns seem to have so many things that don't quite match up or fit but 1940s patterns are so easy to work with.

Making a friend...
Car shopping!!
Both of these dresses were made using printed cottons found in local fabric stores. I knew I wanted to make a 1940s dress with the brown as soon as I saw it and as for the red tulips, I just couldn't leave that in the store. The brown has a nice crisp cotton finish but the black and red has a soft, silky texture that made it just perfect for an evening dress.

The pattern I chose also included a jacket which I made in black velvet - unfortunately in these pictures it is obscuring the beautiful sweetheart neckline of the dress. Still, I love these pictures...

And that leaves just one more post to go in my countdown to the New Year. I will finally have shared all of my past costumes and be ready to begin the New Year as I mean to go on with lots of new and exciting projects.


  1. OH what fun! Your 1940s dresses are wonderfully fabulous! I love the colors in the first dress! What fun!

    1. Thankyou so much. I do like the 1940s very much. I've been enjoying your forays into the 20th century too - especially your Christmas dress posts. Wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy and fun-filled New Year and looking forward to seeing your latest projects soon. With love from Scotland x