Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The best of intentions...and a new project

Please don't ask me where the best part of this year has disappeared to. Things started off so well in January. Perhaps too well. I tackled not one, but two Historical Sew Monthly projects, and began the 1880s blue satin and leather corset that I had been dreaming of making for so long. Things seemed to be advancing at a more than satisfactory pace and I had high hopes of sticking to my plans to actually complete the HSM challenges this year.

And then life got in the way, as it invariably does. That said, there are things that are sometimes more important than sewing. Working and earning money to pay for the sewing to start with and needless to say looking after yourself, your home and the people you love do have to come first.

In any case, the result has been a complete lack of progress where historical sewing projects are concerned since February. Indeed, aside from the odd mending or alteration job not much stitch work has been happening at all, mostly due to temporarily taking on full time hours at the day job.

But I have good news. I am back to part time hours and sewing again and this time for a very exciting project. I have been invited by the Llandrindod Wells Victorian Festival to appear at this year's festival as a Young Queen Victoria. This is of course a great honour in itself, but the best part for me is the opportunity to make the costumes for the young queen. In fact, work has already begun on the outfits which will include 1840s undergarments as well as day and evening dresses and accessories.


To document this project I have set up a separate blog dedicated to "Becoming Victoria". The plan, believe it or not, is to post updates daily (or as close as possible). A challenge in itself but certainly a motivating one! As such, I may not be posting here frequently for some time but to keep up with latest news on Her Majesty's wardrobe please join me at "Becoming Victoria" between now and August.

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